Inspiring Keynote Speech for your Next Restaurant Event

Inspirational speaker can have a massive effect on millions of people. Regardless of the situation that people are in, listening and being inspired by a motivational speaker can alter their perspective and push them forwards in their life. To get you in the mood for inspiring yourself, here are five of the best speakers. This post is sponsored by inspirational keynote speakers at Speaking Out.

Some world-class examples of best keynote inspirational speakers 

Nick Vujicic.

Born with no arms or legs, Vujicic no doubt had a very tough and rough childhood, both physically and mentally. Yet, listening to him on his YouTube channel will be enough to inspire you to do anything. He has own foundation “Life Without Limbs”, and if there is one person who can make you believe that anything is achievable, he is that man.

Eric Thomas.
Homeless at 16 years old, Thomas pushed himself to get a better life. Amassing the education he missed out on when he was young, he completed several degrees and set up an organisation to help teenagers who were homeless. He has become the “main man” of motivational speeches, and is YouTube sensation. Thanks to his YouTube presence and books, he’s a millionaire.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yes, he is the Terminator, The Governator, bodybuilding champion. But he is also one man who could inspire anyone. His story about how he came through a tough childhood in Austria and being sent to the army – and challenging the Army’s rules to do bodybuilding – will be enough to inspire you to reach your goals. Also check out TR Sports Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney for quality sports goods (our sports sponsor).

Tony Robbins.
One of the most popular and recognised inspirational speakers, Robbins grew up in a chaotic household and left home at 17. Initially helping our Jim Rohn (another famous speaker), he moved onto creating his own seminars – becoming a household name in the process. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has not been inspired by Robbins.

Les Brown.
In high school, Brown was labelled as “mentally retarded”. Despite growing up through years of suffering and emotional distress, he has become a true legend in the motivational speaker world. He is all about unlocking the unforeseen potential in people.

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